Oct 23

Miso Noodle Soup: Easy Breakfast for a Cold Morning


I was recently reminded of my summer teaching English in Japan and recalled how surprised I was by traditional Japanese breakfasts: rice, miso soup, salad, grilled fish, and a variety of side dishes. My first introduction to natto, a fermented tofu that people either love or hate, was at the Tokyo Olympic Center! Later on, I …

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Oct 23

#EpiPenBill Advocacy Epilogue

Whoa! Nut Free Wok is in the news! In the midst of advocacy for SB 1266, I was invited to share a recipe with NBC News. Did you see the article featured on NBC News, “Meet the Mom Behind the ‘Nut Free Wok“? I’m so honored for the article on NBC’s website but more importantly grateful to …

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Sep 21

Baked Salmon Recipe

Baked Salmon Filet

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe and Technique for Moist, Tender & Delicious Asian Inspired Salmon Whenever we eat out and my children order salmon, they gain a new appreciation for how moist, tender, and delicious my home made baked salmon tastes. They often comment, “It tastes like Restaurant Salmon!” because the restaurant salmon is too dry and …

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Sep 14

Korean Chapssal Donut Recipe

Who wants to enjoy a Korean donut made from rice and sweet potatoes that is free of the top 8 allergens? I do! I am so excited to share with Nut Free Wok readers a recipe guest post by Candice Van Devender! Candice’s dad tells her stories about buying hot and tasty chapssal donuts from …

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Sep 01

How to Make Scrumptious Scallion Pancakes

Scallion pancakes are a pan fried Chinese flat bread appetizer that are savory, slightly chewy, with bits of chopped green onions embedded in between layers of carbilicious layers of dough. When served hot and fresh, they’re crispy and smell wonderful. When my sons were little, they didn’t like eating their vegetables and my husband and wanted them …

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Sep 01

Top 8 Allergen Free Gluten Free Scallion Pancakes

Hospitality Food Allergy Style My husband and I end up hosting a lot of get togethers at our house more than visiting others in their homes because even though it’s a lot of work to clean up, shop, cook, and clean up again, it’s also easier and more predictable. However, we have a few friends who …

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Aug 18

Top 10 Reasons to Attend FABlogCon


I am excited about the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (aka FABlogCon) #FABlogCon in Las Vegas, September 26-28, 2014 and highly recommend it if you are interested in food allergies or blogging about life with a restricted diet. I’m going to cut to the chase and share my top 10 reasons to attend while sharing a little …

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